Junior Primary Final

School Final Scores (top 3 players from each school):
Place Name                       Score
  3   GLENDAL PRIMARY            15.5
  4   DEEPDENE PRIMARY           14  
  5   BANYULE PRIMARY            12.5
 6-7  ALPHINGTON PRIMARY         11.5
      OUR HOLY REDEEMER          11.5
  8   GREAT RYRIE PRIMARY        11  
  9   PRESTON PRIMARY            8   
      AITKEN CREEK PRIMARY       4.5 
16-17 THE KNOX SCHOOL            3.5 
      MILL PARK PRIMARY          3.5 
18-20 LIVINGSTONE PRIMARY        3   
      RESEARCH PRIMARY           3   
 21   RANGEVIEW PRIMARY          2.5 

Individual Standings:
Place Name                 Feder Loc  Club                       Score
  1   Christopher Lim      VIC   1283 Waverley Christian College 6.5 
 2-3  Eva Wang             VIC   594  Doncaster Gardens Primary  6   
      Kathleen Hooi        VIC   529  Doncaster Gardens Primary  6   
 4-6  Chuyue Angie Li      VIC   509  Glendal Primary            5.5 
      Jackie Li            VIC   590  Glendal Primary            5.5 
      Brandon Soetanto     VIC   1093 Our Holy Redeemer          5.5 
7-11  Chloe Fan            VIC   330  Good Shepherd Lutheran     5   
      Rey Ding             VIC        Waverley Christian College 5   
      Sophie Chang         VIC   509  Banyule Primary            5   
      Justin Kwan          VIC        Deepdene Primary           5   
      Aden Chen            VIC        Doncaster Gardens Primary  5   
12-21 Minh Tran            VIC        Deepdene Primary           4.5 
      Jacky Deng           VIC        Doncaster Gardens Primary  4.5 
      Kevin Bao            VIC        Waverley Christian College 4.5 
      Chengyun Xu          VIC   199  Croydon Hills Primary      4.5 
      Chao Xin Cheng       VIC   462  Glendal Primary            4.5 
      Manuka Wathugederage VIC        Aitken Creek Primary       4.5 
      John Hargrove        VIC        Deepdene Primary           4.5 
      Anderson Gong        VIC   404  Glendal Primary            4.5 
      Norman Li            VIC        Banyule Primary            4.5 
      Mia Lee              VIC        Doncaster Gardens Primary  4.5 
22-34 Daniel Avram         VIC        Doncaster Gardens Primary  4   
      Robert Green         VIC   575  Alphington Primary         4   
      Jacob Henry          VIC   292  Great Ryrie Primary        4   
      Darren Ooi           VIC        Glendal Primary            4   
      Brandon Pett         VIC        Doncaster Gardens Primary  4   
      Cruze De Georgio     VIC        Preston Primary            4   
      Joshua Golinski      VIC   384  Ringwood North Primary     4   
      Finlay Hughes        VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        4   
      Matthew Arthur       VIC        Preston Primary            4   
      Matthew Lo           VIC        Doncaster Gardens Primary  4   
      Minidhu Paranahewa   VIC        Glendal Primary            4   
      Joel Jassal          VIC        Deepdene Primary           4   
      Sage Lingham         VIC        Alphington Primary         4   
35-39 Dylan Patnaikuni     VIC   410  The Knox School            3.5 
      Felix Ly             VIC        Glendal Primary            3.5 
      Liam Hogan           VIC        Alphington Primary         3.5 
      Chloe Yiu            VIC        Doncaster Gardens Primary  3.5 
      Stella Cameron       VIC   323  Mill Park Primary          3.5 
40-53 John-Paul Murphy     VIC        Our Holy Redeemer          3   
      Joseph Smith         VIC        Our Holy Redeemer          3   
      Lawson Thomas        VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        3   
      Elly Lai             VIC        Doncaster Gardens Primary  3   
      Finnegan Alunday     VIC        Essendon North Primary     3   
      Jamie Earr           VIC        Our Holy Redeemer          3   
      Luke Braine          VIC        Our Holy Redeemer          3   
      Timothy Moar         VIC        Research Primary           3   
      Lily Bucak-Guest     VIC        Banyule Primary            3   
      Aaron Zhang          VIC        Waverley Christian College 3   
      Jeremy Ma            VIC        Livingstone Primary        3   
      Ryan Hermans         VIC        St Martin of Tours Primary 3   
      Heidi D'Souza        VIC        Marymede Catholic College  3   
      Campbell Young       VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        3   
54-59 Stirling Avery       VIC        Our Holy Redeemer          2.5 
      Jude Cole            VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        2.5 
      Jaz Faehndrich       VIC        Rangeview Primary          2.5 
      Ashton Jayathilake   VIC        St Martin of Tours Primary 2.5 
      Nathaniel Tay        VIC        Waverley Christian College 2.5 
      Tom Charman          VIC        Deepdene Primary           2.5 
60-66 Joseph McLay         VIC        Our Holy Redeemer          2   
      Dean Moutziks        VIC        Essendon North Primary     2   
      Emma Chang           VIC        Banyule Primary            2   
      Luke Sampson         VIC        Banyule Primary            2   
      Lucas Rodriguez      VIC        Deepdene Primary           2   
      Julian Thornton      VIC        Deepdene Primary           2   
      Nash Duffy           VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        2   
67-69 Billy Casamento      VIC        St Martin of Tours Primary 1.5 
      Jessica Watson       VIC        Deepdene Primary           1.5 
      Jack Gest            VIC        St Martin of Tours Primary 1.5 
70-71 Levi Dastalto        VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        1   
     Maya Tate            VIC        Deepdene Primary           1   

Individual Cross Table:
No Name                 Feder Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7 
1  Christopher Lim      VIC   1283 6.5   13:W 62:W 35:W  4:D  6:W  3:W  2:W
2  Eva Wang             VIC   594  6     36:W 64:W 15:W  8:W  4:W  7:W  1:L
3  Kathleen Hooi        VIC   529  6     25:W 61:W 24:W  7:W 16:W  1:L  8:W
4  Chuyue Angie Li      VIC   509  5.5   38:W 42:W 14:W  1:D  2:L 20:W 12:W
5  Jackie Li            VIC   590  5.5   21:W 71:W  7:L 12:W 22:W 17:D 15:W
6  Brandon Soetanto     VIC   1093 5.5   43:W 10:W 28:W 16:D  1:L 38:W 17:W
7  Chloe Fan            VIC   330  5     29:W 27:W  5:W  3:L 13:W  2:L 22:W
8  Rey Ding             VIC        5     22:W 17:W 54:W  2:L 18:W 24:W  3:L
9  Sophie Chang         VIC   509  5     26:W 11:W 12:L 13:L 35:W 43:W 14:W
10 Justin Kwan          VIC        5     47:W  6:L 60:W 41:L 55:W 40:W 29:W
11 Aden Chen            VIC        5     58:W  9:L 40:L 56:W 42:W 45:W 24:W
12 Minh Tran            VIC        4.5   57:W 23:W  9:W  5:L 19:W 15:D  4:L
13 Jacky Deng           VIC        4.5    1:L 52:W 30:W  9:W  7:L 23:W 18:D
14 Kevin Bao            VIC        4.5   68:W 48:W  4:L 37:W 20:D 16:W  9:L
15 Chengyun Xu          VIC   199  4.5   53:W 51:W  2:L 32:W 40:W 12:D  5:L
16 Chao Xin Cheng       VIC   462  4.5   55:W 46:W 41:W  6:D  3:L 14:L 26:W
17 Manuka Wathugederage VIC        4.5   52:W  8:L 55:W 36:W 41:W  5:D  6:L
18 John Hargrove        VIC        4.5   27:L 70:W 46:W 29:W  8:L 44:W 13:D
19 Anderson Gong        VIC   404  4.5   70:W 41:L 37:W 26:W 12:L 21:D 38:W
20 Norman Li            VIC        4.5   40:L 25:W 42:W 45:W 14:D  4:L 35:W
21 Mia Lee              VIC        4.5    5:L 47:L 69:W 60:W 27:W 19:D 37:W
22 Daniel Avram         VIC        4      8:L 50:W 56:W 27:W  5:L 41:W  7:L
23 Robert Green         VIC   575  4     31:W 12:L 36:L 54:W 25:W 13:L 46:W
24 Jacob Henry          VIC   292  4     50:W 56:W  3:L 61:W 44:W  8:L 11:L
25 Darren Ooi           VIC        4      3:L 20:L 39:W 57:W 23:L 47:W 49:W
26 Brandon Pett         VIC        4      9:L 67:W 49:W 19:L 58:W 33:W 16:L
27 Cruze De Georgio     VIC        4     18:W  7:L 71:W 22:L 21:L 63:W 48:W
28 Joshua Golinski      VIC   384  4     66:W 30:W  6:L 44:L 36:W 29:L 40:W
29 Finlay Hughes        VIC        4      7:L 65:W 62:W 18:L 63:W 28:W 10:L
30 Matthew Arthur       VIC        4     59:W 28:L 13:L 64:W 31:W 37:L 44:W
31 Matthew Lo           VIC        4     23:L 45:L 34:W 67:W 30:L 42:W 51:W
32 Minidhu Paranahewa   VIC        4     35:L 59:W 48:W 15:L 33:L 58:W 43:W
33 Joel Jassal          VIC        4     56:L 66:W 53:W 40:L 32:W 26:L 45:W
34 Sage Lingham         VIC        4     46:L 36:L 31:L 70:W 60:W 55:W 41:W
35 Dylan Patnaikuni     VIC   410  3.5   32:W 40:W  1:L 38:D  9:L 54:W 20:L
36 Felix Ly             VIC        3.5    2:L 34:W 23:W 17:L 28:L 57:D 54:W
37 Liam Hogan           VIC        3.5   54:D 49:W 19:L 14:L 56:W 30:W 21:L
38 Chloe Yiu            VIC        3.5    4:L 69:W 47:W 35:D 62:W  6:L 19:L
39 Stella Cameron       VIC   323  3.5   42:L 54:L 25:L 68:W 67:D 64:W 57:W
40 John-Paul Murphy     VIC        3     20:W 35:L 11:W 33:W 15:L 10:L 28:L
41 Joseph Smith         VIC        3     63:W 19:W 16:L 10:W 17:L 22:L 34:L
42 Lawson Thomas        VIC        3     39:W  4:L 20:L 48:W 11:L 31:L 65:W
43 Elly Lai             VIC        3      6:L 60:L 50:W 47:W 46:W  9:L 32:L
44 Finnegan Alunday     VIC        3     49:L 57:W 51:W 28:W 24:L 18:L 30:L
45 Jamie Earr           VIC        3     48:L 31:W 64:W 20:L 61:W 11:L 33:L
46 Luke Braine          VIC        3     34:W 16:L 18:L 71:W 43:L 62:W 23:L
47 Timothy Moar         VIC        3     10:L 21:W 38:L 43:L 71:W 25:L 63:W
48 Lily Bucak-Guest     VIC        3     45:W 14:L 32:L 42:L 69:W 66:W 27:L
49 Aaron Zhang          VIC        3     44:W 37:L 26:L 55:L 50:W 67:W 25:L
50 Jeremy Ma            VIC        3     24:L 22:L 43:L 65:W 49:L 71:W 62:W
51 Ryan Hermans         VIC        3     65:W 15:L 44:L 59:L 64:W 61:W 31:L
52 Heidi D'Souza        VIC        3     17:L 13:L 65:W 63:L 54:L 70:W 66:W
53 Campbell Young       VIC        3     15:L 68:W 33:L 62:L 65:L 60:W 61:W
54 Stirling Avery       VIC        2.5   37:D 39:W  8:L 23:L 52:W 35:L 36:L
55 Jude Cole            VIC        2.5   16:L 63:W 17:L 49:W 10:L 34:L 58:D
56 Jaz Faehndrich       VIC        2.5   33:W 24:L 22:L 11:L 37:L 59:D 71:W
57 Ashton Jayathilake   VIC        2.5   12:L 44:L  0:W 25:L 59:W 36:D 39:L
58 Nathaniel Tay        VIC        2.5   11:L  0:W 61:L 66:W 26:L 32:L 55:D
59 Tom Charman          VIC        2.5   30:L 32:L 66:L 51:W 57:L 56:D 67:W
60 Joseph McLay         VIC        2     62:L 43:W 10:L 21:L 34:L 53:L  0:W
61 Dean Moutziks        VIC        2      0:W  3:L 58:W 24:L 45:L 51:L 53:L
62 Emma Chang           VIC        2     60:W  1:L 29:L 53:W 38:L 46:L 50:L
63 Luke Sampson         VIC        2     41:L 55:L 70:W 52:W 29:L 27:L 47:L
64 Lucas Rodriguez      VIC        2     67:W  2:L 45:L 30:L 51:L 39:L 70:W
65 Julian Thornton      VIC        2     51:L 29:L 52:L 50:L 53:W 69:W 42:L
66 Nash Duffy           VIC        2     28:L 33:L 59:W 58:L 68:W 48:L 52:L
67 Billy Casamento      VIC        1.5   64:L 26:L 68:W 31:L 39:D 49:L 59:L
68 Jessica Watson       VIC        1.5   14:L 53:L 67:L 39:L 66:L  0:W 69:D
69 Jack Gest            VIC        1.5   71:L 38:L 21:L  0:W 48:L 65:L 68:D
70 Levi Dastalto        VIC        1     19:L 18:L 63:L 34:L  0:W 52:L 64:L
71 Maya Tate            VIC        1     69:W  5:L 27:L 46:L 47:L 50:L 56:L