Primary Open Semi-Final 1

Schools Final Scores (top 5 players from each school):
Teams qualified for the final in Bold Italics
Place Name                        Score
  2   KEW PRIMARY                 26  
  3   DEEPDENE PRIMARY            25.5
 4-5  ST LEONARDS PRIMARY         25  
      SANDRINGHAM PRIMARY         25  
  6   FLEMINGTON PRIMARY          23  
  7   TOORAK PRIMARY              22.5
      SEABROOK PRIMARY            22  
      CANDLEBARK                  22
 11   ST KILDA PRIMARY            21.5
12-13 BIALIK COLLEGE              21  
 14   CHRIST CHURCH               20.5
 15   FOOTSCRAY PRIMARY           20  
 16   ST JOHN BOSCO'S SCHOOL      17.5
17-18 MELBOURNE GRAMMAR           16  
      THORNBURY PRIMARY           16  
19-21 CHRIST THE KING PS          15.5
      LUMEN CHRISTI               15.5
 23   WESLEY                      12  
 24   THE KNOX SCHOOL             10  
 25   GREENVALE PRIMARY           9   
 26   AITKEN CREEK PRIMARY        4.5 

Individual Standings:
 Place  Name                     Feder Loc  Club                        Score
   1    Fergus Chiverton         VIC   818  St Kilda Primary            7   
 2-10   Ryan Patnaikuni          VIC   1001 The Knox School             6   
        Anna Tran                VIC   487  Flemington Primary          6   
        Hanlin Au Yeung          VIC        Haileybury Castlefield      6   
        Toby Mew                 VIC   398  Christ the King PS          6   
        Daniel Dessau            VIC   555  Toorak Primary              6   
        Xavier Aitken            VIC   583  Kew Primary                 6   
        Xander Leibert           NSW   1017 Melbourne Montessori School 6   
        Xavier Jassal            VIC   817  Deepdene Primary            6   
        Cedric Fun               VIC   609  Deepdene Primary            6   
 11-15  Thomas Lin               VIC        Toorak Primary              5.5 
        Leon Paratz              VIC   383  Bialik College              5.5 
        Anton Pokryshevsky       VIC   526  St Leonards Primary         5.5 
        Sergey Saric             VIC   335  Altona Meadows Primary      5.5 
        Tom Caldecott            VIC   595  Melbourne Montessori School 5.5 
 16-40  Jack Duckinson           VIC   500  Sandringham Primary         5   
        Rowan Mikosza            VIC   714  Melbourne Montessori School 5   
        Fergus Connor            VIC        Candlebark                  5   
        Lara Aitken              VIC   471  Kew Primary                 5   
        George Missailidis       VIC   573  Toorak Primary              5   
        Timothy Nicolaides       VIC   395  Melbourne Montessori School 5   
        James Pilcher            VIC   433  Sandringham Primary         5   
        Angus Coat               VIC        Flemington Primary          5   
        Timon Fotakis            VIC   105  Sandringham Primary         5   
        Joshua Strunin           VIC        Caulfield South Primary     5   
        Sam Christie-Sherrill    VIC        Candlebark                  5   
        Dominic Cornish          VIC   346  St Leonards Primary         5   
        Ben Horsey               VIC   523  Sandringham Primary         5   
        Ethan Liu                VIC        Sandringham Primary         5   
        James Sparks             VIC        Kew Primary                 5   
        Erika Lai                VIC        Seabrook Primary            5   
        Justin Kwan              VIC        Deepdene Primary            5   
        Jacques Levin            VIC        St Leonards Primary         5   
        Raph Levin               VIC        St Leonards Primary         5   
        Ethan Coleman            VIC        Kew Primary                 5   
        Marti Casanovas          VIC   367  Melbourne Montessori School 5   
        Riley Kemke              VIC   312  Kew Primary                 5   
        Julian Horsey            VIC        Sandringham Primary         5   
        Christian Wong           VIC        Seabrook Primary            5   
        Hangsam Nembang          VIC        Thornbury Primary           5   
 41-51  Steven Wang              VIC   520  Seabrook Primary            4.5 
        Manuka Wathugederage     VIC        Aitken Creek Primary        4.5 
        Minh Tran                VIC        Deepdene Primary            4.5 
        Ethan Gottschalk         VIC        Melbourne Montessori School 4.5 
        Ritish Kandel            VIC        Thornbury Primary           4.5 
        Oliver Bao               VIC        Seabrook Primary            4.5 
        Damian Hookway           VIC        St Leonards Primary         4.5 
        David Tran               VIC        Flemington Primary          4.5 
        Daniel Bian              VIC        Christ Church               4.5 
        Henry Davis              VIC   377  Kew Primary                 4.5 
        Xavier Tremigliozzi      VIC        Melbourne Montessori School 4.5 
 52-98  Dylan Patnaikuni         VIC   410  The Knox School             4   
        Archie Antonopoulos      VIC   229  Haileybury Castlefield      4   
        Joanne Tey               VIC        Lumen Christi               4   
        Rupert Long              VIC        Melbourne Grammar           4   
        Helder Neves             VIC        Footscray Primary           4   
        Mim Mitchell             VIC        Candlebark                  4   
        Jim Findlay              VIC        Footscray Primary           4   
        Tina Chen                VIC        Footscray Primary           4   
        Kai O'Kuhl               VIC        Candlebark                  4   
        Egan Lye                 VIC        Christ Church               4   
        Barnaby Kinsella         VIC        Melbourne Montessori School 4   
        Flynn Lhuede             VIC   259  Sandringham Primary         4   
        Dustin Feldman           VIC   500  Bialik College              4   
        Raephy Lewis             VIC        Caulfield South Primary     4   
        Roxanne King             VIC   222  Lumen Christi               4   
        Jake Hagan               VIC        Candlebark                  4   
        Martin Tucker            VIC        Candlebark                  4   
        Peter Frangos            VIC        Melbourne Grammar           4   
        Clark Higgins            VIC   505  Wesley                      4   
        Toby White               VIC        Footscray Primary           4   
        Dan Goddard              VIC        Candlebark                  4   
        Joel Lewis               VIC        Caulfield South Primary     4   
        Noah Siolis              VIC        Christ Church               4   
        Caoimhin Corcoran        VIC        Flemington Primary          4   
        Jamie Sobol              VIC        Bialik College              4   
        Tom Langford             VIC        Christ Church               4   
        Alexander Barberia-Dupla VIC   538  St John Bosco's School      4   
        Arya Thearam             VIC   466  Melbourne Montessori School 4   
        Charles Anderson         VIC   331  St Kilda Primary            4   
        Jesse Hanekamp           VIC        Sandringham Primary         4   
        Hugo Thornton            VIC   363  Deepdene Primary            4   
        Sandu Mahapatuna         VIC        Greenvale Primary           4   
        Oscar Twaits             VIC        Candlebark                  4   
        Felix Froeliche          VIC        Sandringham Primary         4   
        Ilario Sellitto          VIC        Candlebark                  4   
        George Stergiopolous     VIC        Deepdene Primary            4   
        Ethan Nayman             VIC        Caulfield South Primary     4   
        Julian Munz              VIC        Bialik College              4   
        James Schreuder          VIC        Christ the King PS          4   
        Trapper Thorpe           VIC        St John Bosco's School      4   
        Will Simpson             VIC        Christ Church               4   
        Dimitri Stavrakoglou     VIC        Haileybury Castlefield      4   
        Peter Wang               VIC        Caulfield South Primary     4   
        Harry Anderson           VIC   195  St Kilda Primary            4   
        Darcy Jaks-Adams         VIC   291  Haileybury Castlefield      4   
        Edith Schlechta          VIC        Footscray Primary           4   
        James Dong               VIC   315  Haileybury Castlefield      4   
99-107  Ilyusha Shulin           VIC        Bialik College              3.5 
        Marcus Bierans           VIC   513  Sandringham Primary         3.5 
        Thomas Nightingale       VIC        Flemington Primary          3.5 
        Nicholas Cowall          VIC   162  Footscray Primary           3.5 
        Isaac Graham             VIC   289  Kew Primary                 3.5 
        Senesh Gunasekera        VIC        Greenvale Primary           3.5 
        Sebastian Khoury         VIC        St John Bosco's School      3.5 
        Mason Mineo              VIC        St Carlo Borromeo Primary   3.5 
        Erik Ehrenblad           VIC        St Kilda Primary            3.5 
108-151 Tony Nguyen              VIC        Footscray Primary           3   
        Nevoh Hartman            VIC        Bialik College              3   
        Eve Nankervis            VIC        Sandringham Primary         3   
        Takshil Kamineni         VIC   273  Toorak Primary              3   
        Callum Kemke             VIC   375  Kew Primary                 3   
        Otto Crawford            VIC        Footscray Primary           3   
        Alessio Mengato          VIC        St Carlo Borromeo Primary   3   
        Jasper Snell             VIC        Toorak Primary              3   
        Henry Congedo            VIC        St Kilda Primary            3   
        Arthtur Sun              VIC        Sandringham Primary         3   
        Alexi Missailidis        VIC   163  Toorak Primary              3   
        Ethan Chong              VIC        St Leonards Primary         3   
        Thomas Wong              VIC        Deepdene Primary            3   
        Dash Seebeck             VIC        Christ Church               3   
        Max Saggers              VIC        Kew Primary                 3   
        Elliot Gaspar            VIC        Bialik College              3   
        Shamalka Silva           VIC        St Carlo Borromeo Primary   3   
        Hendrix St John          VIC        Thornbury Primary           3   
        Henry Orner              VIC        Wesley                      3   
        Shirsho Roy              VIC        Footscray Primary           3   
        Archie Gruenert          VIC        Thornbury Primary           3   
        Stanley HarJadi          VIC        Lumen Christi               3   
        Anthony Marchese         VIC        St John Bosco's School      3   
        Marcus Cerra             VIC        Melbourne Montessori School 3   
        Michael Sun              VIC        Haileybury Castlefield      3   
        Matthew Eastman          VIC        St Carlo Borromeo Primary   3   
        Xavier Nguyen            VIC   308  Melbourne Grammar           3   
        Lindsay Henson           VIC        Sandringham Primary         3   
        Joel Jassal              VIC        Deepdene Primary            3   
        Cameron O'Neill          VIC   235  St John Bosco's School      3   
        Thomas Antonis           VIC        Haileybury Castlefield      3   
        Christian Cerasa         VIC        St Carlo Borromeo Primary   3   
        Callum Webster           VIC        Sandringham Primary         3   
        Alexander Dudij          VIC        St Carlo Borromeo Primary   3   
        Jean-Baptiste Donnelly   VIC        Melbourne Grammar           3   
        Jayden Spring            VIC        Deepdene Primary            3   
        John Hargrove            VIC        Deepdene Primary            3   
        Sophie Davis             VIC   500  Altona Meadows Primary      3   
        Patrick Ma               VIC        Seabrook Primary            3   
        Peran Curnow             VIC        Footscray Primary           3   
        Nicholas Kabiotis        VIC        St John Bosco's School      3   
        Aadi Kapoor              VIC        St Carlo Borromeo Primary   3   
        Spike Angwin             VIC        St Kilda Primary            3   
        Thomas Piscopo           VIC        St Carlo Borromeo Primary   3   
152-165 James Norton             VIC        St Leonards Primary         2.5 
        Patrick Norsa            VIC        Christ Church               2.5 
        Marcus Woo               VIC        Christ Church               2.5 
        Samuel Jeffreys          VIC        St Leonards Primary         2.5 
        Jack Drew                VIC        Flemington Primary          2.5 
        Sam Blackburn            VIC        Footscray Primary           2.5 
        Brendan Rodrigues        VIC        Lumen Christi               2.5 
        Conrad Thornton          VIC   383  Deepdene Primary            2.5 
        Michael Chee             VIC        Haileybury Castlefield      2.5 
        Henry Thompson           VIC        Footscray Primary           2.5 
        Will Lewena              VIC        Deepdene Primary            2.5 
        Leonardo Di Castro       VIC        St Kilda Primary            2.5 
        Harry Norton             VIC        St Leonards Primary         2.5 
        Lily Smith               VIC        Sandringham Primary         2.5 
166-188 Athanasios Pirpiris      VIC        Melbourne Grammar           2   
        Toby Nitschke            VIC        Candlebark                  2   
        Sophia Franklin          VIC        Lumen Christi               2   
        Lucas Rodriguez          VIC        Deepdene Primary            2   
        Inti Williams            VIC        Footscray Primary           2   
        Lizy Worland             VIC        Footscray Primary           2   
        Aaron Eastman            VIC        St Carlo Borromeo Primary   2   
        Ben Murphy               VIC   731  Footscray Primary           2   
        Fraser Sutherland        VIC        Christ the King PS          2   
        Tasos Kontogeorgis       VIC        Christ the King PS          2   
        Ben Murdoch              VIC        Haileybury Castlefield      2   
        Hans Wilmar              VIC        Wesley                      2   
        Juztyn Starc             VIC        St John Bosco's School      2   
        William Douglas          VIC        St John Bosco's School      2   
        Alia Pollard             VIC        Altona Meadows Primary      2   
        Maddison Conti           VIC        Altona Meadows Primary      2   
        Owen Smith               VIC        St Leonards Primary         2   
        James Lewena             VIC        Deepdene Primary            2   
        Ella Wilson              VIC        Bialik College              2   
        Jackson Richards         VIC        St Leonards Primary         2   
        Phineas Congedo          VIC        St Kilda Primary            2   
        Massimo Caminiti         VIC        Haileybury Castlefield      2   
        Sebastian Corral         VIC        Wesley                      2   
189-194 Alex Ganegama            VIC        Greenvale Primary           1.5 
        Jack Lowman              VIC        Christ Church               1.5 
        Freddie Bede             VIC        Christ Church               1.5 
        YuanQuan Chen            VIC        St Kilda Primary            1.5 
        Noah Farley              VIC        Christ the King PS          1.5 
        Julian Veith             VIC        Toorak Primary              1.5 
195-203 Joshua Scott             VIC        Altona Meadows Primary      1   
        Marcus Piscopo           VIC        St Carlo Borromeo Primary   1   
        Sarah Santopoli          VIC        St John Bosco's School      1   
        Alisa Osborne            VIC        Toorak Primary              1   
        Taylah Morley            VIC        Sandringham Primary         1   
        Darius Domaradski        VIC        St Kilda Primary            1   
        Riley Shepherd           VIC        Wesley                      1   
        Jasmine Filer            VIC        Bialik College              1   
        Maya Schildkraut         VIC        Bialik College              1   
  204   Isaac Kanigher           VIC        Thornbury Primary           0.5 

Individual Cross Table:
No  Name                     Feder Loc  Total   1     2     3     4     5     6     7 
1   Fergus Chiverton         VIC   818  7      75:W  25:W  42:W 100:W  41:W  22:W   2:W
2   Ryan Patnaikuni          VIC   1001 6      23:W  65:W  53:W  64:W   6:W   7:W   1:L
3   Anna Tran                VIC   487  6     104:W  43:W 110:W   9:W  17:W  13:W   8:L
4   Hanlin Au Yeung          VIC        6      12:W   5:D  99:D  66:W  21:W  52:W  19:W
5   Toby Mew                 VIC   398  6      93:W   4:D  44:W  29:D 108:W  39:W  17:W
6   Daniel Dessau            VIC   555  6      58:W 154:W  60:W  21:W   2:L  18:W  16:W
7   Xavier Aitken            VIC   583  6     113:W  49:W  57:W  52:W  16:W   2:L  25:W
8   Xander Leibert           NSW   1017 6     120:W  73:W  14:W  41:L  57:W  50:W   3:W
9   Xavier Jassal            VIC   817  6     156:W  61:W 109:W   3:L  26:W  36:W  20:W
10  Cedric Fun               VIC   609  6     157:W  94:W  18:W  16:L  60:W  63:W  22:W
11  Thomas Lin               VIC        5.5   136:W  86:W  36:W  13:D  22:L  49:W  42:W
12  Leon Paratz              VIC   383  5.5     4:L  93:W 101:W 154:W  62:W  34:W  15:D
13  Anton Pokryshevsky       VIC   526  5.5   108:W 174:W  68:W  11:D  28:W   3:L  44:W
14  Sergey Saric             VIC   335  5.5    54:W 131:W   8:L  56:D 152:W  47:W  45:W
15  Tom Caldecott            VIC   595  5.5    59:L 187:W 152:W  78:W  67:W  53:W  12:D
16  Jack Duckinson           VIC   500  5     189:W  59:W  56:W  10:W   7:L  23:W   6:L
17  Rowan Mikosza            VIC   714  5      48:W  74:W  76:W  20:W   3:L  27:W   5:L
18  Fergus Connor            VIC        5     106:W  47:W  10:L  69:W  33:W   6:L  54:W
19  George Missailidis       VIC   573  5     147:W  90:W  26:W  22:L  68:W  24:W   4:L
20  Lara Aitken              VIC   471  5     138:W 101:W  31:W  17:L  43:W  32:W   9:L
21  Timothy Nicolaides       VIC   395  5     132:W  30:W 130:W   6:L   4:L  83:W  75:W
22  James Pilcher            VIC   433  5     160:W 170:W 114:W  19:W  11:W   1:L  10:L
23  Angus Coat               VIC        5       2:L  91:W  40:W 112:W  79:W  16:L  52:W
24  Timon Fotakis            VIC   105  5      46:D 107:W 119:W  33:W  27:D  19:L  69:W
25  Joshua Strunin           VIC        5     163:W   1:L  54:W 115:W  77:W  41:W   7:L
26  Sam Christie-Sherrill    VIC        5     151:W  34:W  19:L 114:W   9:L  62:W  55:W
27  Dominic Cornish          VIC   346  5     158:W  62:W 115:W  28:D  24:D  17:L  58:W
28  Ben Horsey               VIC   523  5     127:W 169:W  67:W  27:D  13:L  45:D  74:W
29  Ethan Liu                VIC        5     102:D 103:W  71:W   5:D  50:L  57:W  72:W
30  James Sparks             VIC        5      82:W  21:L  73:L  95:W  88:W 118:W  53:W
31  Erika Lai                VIC        5     195:W  66:W  20:L  99:L  86:W  65:W  84:W
32  Justin Kwan              VIC        5     198:W  41:L 133:W  80:W  64:W  20:L  79:W
33  Jacques Levin            VIC        5     153:W  72:W 112:W  24:L  18:L 120:W  60:W
34  Raph Levin               VIC        5     121:W  26:L 183:W  86:W 109:W  12:L  61:W
35  Ethan Coleman            VIC        5     159:W  52:L  72:W  42:L  66:W 137:W  63:W
36  Marti Casanovas          VIC   367  5     122:W 166:W  11:L 144:W 110:W   9:L  59:W
37  Riley Kemke              VIC   312  5      55:L 168:W  58:W  43:L 113:W 108:W  71:W
38  Julian Horsey            VIC        5     118:W  80:W  64:L 109:L 167:W  68:W  67:W
39  Christian Wong           VIC        5     123:L 195:W 121:W  76:W 111:W   5:L  78:W
40  Hangsam Nembang          VIC        5     140:W 167:L  23:L 189:W 169:W  87:W 100:W
41  Steven Wang              VIC   520  4.5    97:W  32:W  55:W   8:W   1:L  25:L  43:D
42  Manuka Wathugederage     VIC        4.5   199:W 146:W   1:L  35:W  47:D  46:W  11:L
43  Minh Tran                VIC        4.5   177:W   3:L 128:W  37:W  20:L 130:W  41:D
44  Ethan Gottschalk         VIC        4.5   103:D  92:W   5:L 153:W  56:W 100:W  13:L
45  Ritish Kandel            VIC        4.5    90:L 161:W  87:W  65:W  99:W  28:D  14:L
46  Oliver Bao               VIC        4.5    24:D  70:D  61:D  92:W 102:W  42:L  99:W
47  Damian Hookway           VIC        4.5   190:W  18:L 143:W  88:W  42:D  14:L 102:W
48  David Tran               VIC        4.5    17:L 163:W 145:W  82:W  52:L  77:W  50:D
49  Daniel Bian              VIC        4.5   192:W   7:L 131:W 126:W 100:D  11:L 101:W
50  Henry Davis              VIC   377  4.5   168:W  55:L 157:W 174:W  29:W   8:L  48:D
51  Xavier Tremigliozzi      VIC        4.5    63:W  53:L 190:W  57:L 175:W  99:D 103:W
52  Dylan Patnaikuni         VIC   410  4     176:W  35:W 117:W   7:L  48:W   4:L  23:L
53  Archie Antonopoulos      VIC   229  4     165:W  51:W   2:L  55:W 124:W  15:L  30:L
54  Joanne Tey               VIC        4      14:L 134:W  25:L  94:W  73:W  82:W  18:L
55  Rupert Long              VIC        4      37:W  50:W  41:L  53:L 123:W  89:W  26:L
56  Helder Neves             VIC        4      77:W  79:W  16:L  14:D  44:L 119:W  70:D
57  Mim Mitchell             VIC        4     179:W 128:W   7:L  51:W   8:L  29:L 117:W
58  Jim Findlay              VIC        4       6:L 185:W  37:L 105:W  80:W  96:W  27:L
59  Tina Chen                VIC        4      15:W  16:L  79:L 197:W 145:W  64:W  36:L
60  Kai O'Kuhl               VIC        4     105:W 125:W   6:L 135:W  10:L 117:W  33:L
61  Egan Lye                 VIC        4     155:W   9:L  46:D 104:W  71:D 124:W  34:L
62  Barnaby Kinsella         VIC        4     111:W  27:L  84:W 123:W  12:L  26:L 118:W
63  Flynn Lhuede             VIC   259  4      51:L 139:W 189:W  83:W 130:W  10:L  35:L
64  Dustin Feldman           VIC   500  4     171:W 162:W  38:W   2:L  32:L  59:L 120:W
65  Raephy Lewis             VIC        4     186:W   2:L  85:W  45:L 114:W  31:L 124:W
66  Roxanne King             VIC   222  4      81:W  31:L 171:W   4:L  35:L 160:W 122:W
67  Jake Hagan               VIC        4     124:W 182:W  28:L 155:W  15:L  81:W  38:L
68  Martin Tucker            VIC        4     178:W 126:W  13:L 117:W  19:L  38:L 114:W
69  Peter Frangos            VIC        4      98:W 112:L  94:W  18:L 154:W 109:W  24:L
70  Clark Higgins            VIC   505  4      71:D  46:D  75:L 119:W 101:D 104:W  56:D
71  Toby White               VIC        4      70:D 191:W  29:L 116:W  61:D 111:W  37:L
72  Dan Goddard              VIC        4     196:W  33:L  35:L 129:W 122:W 135:W  29:L
73  Joel Lewis               VIC        4     150:W   8:L  30:W 130:L  54:L 129:W 149:W
74  Noah Siolis              VIC        4     164:W  17:L 141:W  77:L 155:W  91:W  28:L
75  Caoimhin Corcoran        VIC        4       1:L 150:W  70:W 111:L 125:W 128:W  21:L
76  Jamie Sobol              VIC        4     149:W 116:W  17:L  39:L  81:L 132:W 110:W
77  Alexander Barberia-Dupla VIC   538  4      56:L 160:W 156:W  74:W  25:L  48:L 127:W
78  Tom Langford             VIC        4     119:L 172:W  81:W  15:L 148:W 133:W  39:L
79  Arya Thearam             VIC   466  4     187:W  56:L  59:W 169:W  23:L 127:W  32:L
80  Charles Anderson         VIC   331  4     142:W  38:L 113:W  32:L  58:L 171:W 108:W
81  Jesse Hanekamp           VIC        4      66:L 181:W  78:L 136:W  76:W  67:L 109:W
82  Hugo Thornton            VIC   363  4      30:L 122:W 127:W  48:L 170:W  54:L 138:W
83  Sandu Mahapatuna         VIC        4     130:L 201:W  95:W  63:L 134:W  21:L 112:W
84  Oscar Twaits             VIC        4      91:W 115:L  62:L 142:W 139:W 110:W  31:L
85  Felix Froeliche          VIC        4     126:L 118:W  65:L  90:W  89:L 121:W 123:W
86  Ilario Sellitto          VIC        4     197:W  11:L 166:W  34:L  31:L 168:W 133:W
87  George Stergiopolous     VIC        4     201:W 100:L  45:L 141:W 115:W  40:L 148:W
88  Ethan Nayman             VIC        4     116:L 140:W 129:W  47:L  30:L 158:W 128:W
89  Julian Munz              VIC        4     141:W 130:L 132:W 110:L  85:W  55:L 139:W
90  James Schreuder          VIC        4      45:W  19:L 124:L  85:L 166:W 172:W 115:W
91  Trapper Thorpe           VIC        4      84:L  23:L 193:W 147:W 121:W  74:L 156:W
92  Will Simpson             VIC        4     152:D  44:L 177:W  46:L 116:D 140:W 125:W
93  Dimitri Stavrakoglou     VIC        4       5:L  12:L 185:W 134:L 182:W 189:W 111:W
94  Peter Wang               VIC        4     200:W  10:L  69:L  54:L 196:W 142:W 116:W
95  Harry Anderson           VIC   195  4     135:W 117:L  83:L  30:L 199:W 176:W 146:W
96  Darcy Jaks-Adams         VIC   291  4     166:L 158:W 108:L 168:W  97:W  58:L 113:W
97  Edith Schlechta          VIC        4      41:L 198:W 111:L 178:W  96:L 159:W 137:W
98  James Dong               VIC   315  4      69:L 129:L 196:W 122:L 165:W 170:W 135:W
99  Ilyusha Shulin           VIC        3.5   172:W 119:D   4:D  31:W  45:L  51:D  46:L
100 Marcus Bierans           VIC   513  3.5   161:W  87:W 167:W   1:L  49:D  44:L  40:L
101 Thomas Nightingale       VIC        3.5   173:W  20:L  12:L 146:W  70:D 145:W  49:L
102 Nicholas Cowall          VIC   162  3.5    29:D 152:L 106:W 125:W  46:L 131:W  47:L
103 Isaac Graham             VIC   289  3.5    44:D  29:L 126:L 106:W 161:W 152:W  51:L
104 Senesh Gunasekera        VIC        3.5     3:L 177:D 191:W  61:L 153:W  70:L 152:W
105 Sebastian Khoury         VIC        3.5    60:L 143:L 180:W  58:L 157:D 153:W 164:W
106 Mason Mineo              VIC        3.5    18:L 153:D 102:L 103:L 195:W 163:W 155:W
107 Erik Ehrenblad           VIC        3.5   191:D  24:L 153:L 173:L 177:W 157:W 162:W
108 Tony Nguyen              VIC        3      13:L 204:W  96:W 137:W   5:L  37:L  80:L
109 Nevoh Hartman            VIC        3     139:W 133:W   9:L  38:W  34:L  69:L  81:L
110 Eve Nankervis            VIC        3     181:W 137:W   3:L  89:W  36:L  84:L  76:L
111 Takshil Kamineni         VIC   273  3      62:L 142:W  97:W  75:W  39:L  71:L  93:L
112 Callum Kemke             VIC   375  3     129:W  69:W  33:L  23:L 127:L 147:W  83:L
113 Otto Crawford            VIC        3       7:L 192:W  80:L 149:W  37:L 126:W  96:L
114 Alessio Mengato          VIC        3     184:W 123:W  22:L  26:L  65:L 136:W  68:L
115 Jasper Snell             VIC        3     183:W  84:W  27:L  25:L  87:L 191:W  90:L
116 Henry Congedo            VIC        3      88:W  76:L 162:D  71:L  92:D 144:W  94:L
117 Arthtur Sun              VIC        3     180:W  95:W  52:L  68:L 144:W  60:L  57:L
118 Alexi Missailidis        VIC   163  3      38:L  85:L 172:W 132:W 158:W  30:L  62:L
119 Ethan Chong              VIC        3      78:W  99:D  24:L  70:L 191:W  56:L 131:D
120 Thomas Wong              VIC        3       8:L 178:W 125:L 140:W 126:W  33:L  64:L
121 Dash Seebeck             VIC        3      34:L 151:W  39:L 166:W  91:L  85:L 168:W
122 Max Saggers              VIC        3      36:L  82:L 188:W  98:W  72:L 167:W  66:L
123 Elliot Gaspar            VIC        3      39:W 114:L 138:W  62:L  55:L 190:W  85:L
124 Shamalka Silva           VIC        3      67:L 193:W  90:W 167:W  53:L  61:L  65:L
125 Hendrix St John          VIC        3     144:W  60:L 120:W 102:L  75:L 143:W  92:L
126 Henry Orner              VIC        3      85:W  68:L 103:W  49:L 120:L 113:L 171:W
127 Shirsho Roy              VIC        3      28:L 164:W  82:L 200:W 112:W  79:L  77:L
128 Archie Gruenert          VIC        3     175:W  57:L  43:L 138:W 190:W  75:L  88:L
129 Stanley HarJadi          VIC        3     112:L  98:W  88:L  72:L 173:W  73:L 180:W
130 Anthony Marchese         VIC        3      83:W  89:W  21:L  73:W  63:L  43:L   0:
131 Marcus Cerra             VIC        3     134:W  14:L  49:L 190:D 162:W 102:L 119:D
132 Michael Sun              VIC        3      21:L 159:W  89:L 118:L 150:W  76:L 167:W
133 Matthew Eastman          VIC        3     203:W 109:L  32:L 157:W 143:W  78:L  86:L
134 Xavier Nguyen            VIC   308  3     131:L  54:L 179:W  93:W  83:L 138:L 176:W
135 Lindsay Henson           VIC        3      95:L 202:W 175:W  60:L 174:W  72:L  98:L
136 Joel Jassal              VIC        3      11:L 148:W 155:L  81:L 141:W 114:L 172:W
137 Cameron O'Neill          VIC   235  3     143:W 110:L 170:W 108:L 171:W  35:L  97:L
138 Thomas Antonis           VIC        3      20:L 173:W 123:L 128:L 178:W 134:W  82:L
139 Christian Cerasa         VIC        3     109:L  63:L 173:W 183:W  84:L 175:W  89:L
140 Callum Webster           VIC        3      40:L  88:L 201:W 120:L 180:W  92:L 175:W
141 Alexander Dudij          VIC        3      89:L 184:W  74:L  87:L 136:L 173:W 183:W
142 Jean-Baptiste Donnelly   VIC        3      80:L 111:L 194:W  84:L 184:W  94:L 174:W
143 Jayden Spring            VIC        3     137:L 105:W  47:L 199:W 133:L 125:L 179:W
144 John Hargrove            VIC        3     125:L 179:W 146:W  36:L 117:L 116:L 178:W
145 Sophie Davis             VIC   500  3     170:L 176:W  48:L 160:W  59:L 101:L 187:W
146 Patrick Ma               VIC        3     202:W  42:L 144:L 101:L 203:W 154:W  95:L
147 Peran Curnow             VIC        3      19:L 155:L 186:W  91:L 197:W 112:L 182:W
148 Nicholas Kabiotis        VIC        3     167:L 136:L 195:W 156:W  78:L 169:W  87:L
149 Aadi Kapoor              VIC        3      76:L 190:L 159:W 113:L 202:W 174:W  73:L
150 Spike Angwin             VIC        3      73:L  75:L 203:W 171:L 132:L 166:W 170:W
151 Thomas Piscopo           VIC        3      26:L 121:L 181:L 195:W 156:L 184:W 169:W
152 James Norton             VIC        2.5    92:D 102:W  15:L 162:W  14:L 103:L 104:L
153 Patrick Norsa            VIC        2.5    33:L 106:D 107:W  44:L 104:L 105:L 189:W
154 Marcus Woo               VIC        2.5   185:W   6:L 165:W  12:L  69:L 146:L 158:D
155 Samuel Jeffreys          VIC        2.5    61:L 147:W 136:W  67:L  74:L 156:D 106:L
156 Jack Drew                VIC        2.5     9:L 186:W  77:L 148:L 151:W 155:D  91:L
157 Sam Blackburn            VIC        2.5    10:L 200:W  50:L 133:L 105:D 107:L 194:W
158 Brendan Rodrigues        VIC        2.5    27:L  96:L 198:W 181:W 118:L  88:L 154:D
159 Conrad Thornton          VIC   383  2.5    35:L 132:L 149:L 179:W 164:W  97:L 160:D
160 Michael Chee             VIC        2.5    22:L  77:L 192:W 145:L 200:W  66:L 159:D
161 Henry Thompson           VIC        2.5   100:L  45:L 163:W 164:D 103:L 162:L 190:W
162 Will Lewena              VIC        2.5   194:W  64:L 116:D 152:L 131:L 161:W 107:L
163 Leonardo Di Castro       VIC        2.5    25:L  48:L 161:L 193:W 189:D 106:L 191:W
164 Harry Norton             VIC        2.5    74:L 127:L 176:W 161:D 159:L 181:W 105:L
165 Lily Smith               VIC        2.5    53:L 180:W 154:L 175:L  98:L 192:D 193:W
166 Athanasios Pirpiris      VIC        2      96:W  36:L  86:L 121:L  90:L 150:L 201:W
167 Toby Nitschke            VIC        2     148:W  40:W 100:L 124:L  38:L 122:L 132:L
168 Sophia Franklin          VIC        2      50:L  37:L 204:W  96:L 181:W  86:L 121:L
169 Lucas Rodriguez          VIC        2     188:W  28:L 182:W  79:L  40:L 148:L 151:L
170 Inti Williams            VIC        2     145:W  22:L 137:L 182:W  82:L  98:L 150:L
171 Lizy Worland             VIC        2      64:L 194:W  66:L 150:W 137:L  80:L 126:L
172 Aaron Eastman            VIC        2      99:L  78:L 118:L 194:W 183:W  90:L 136:L
173 Ben Murphy               VIC   731  2     101:L 138:L 139:L 107:W 129:L 141:L 192:W
174 Fraser Sutherland        VIC        2     204:W  13:L 199:W  50:L 135:L 149:L 142:L
175 Tasos Kontogeorgis       VIC        2     128:L 196:W 135:L 165:W  51:L 139:L 140:L
176 Ben Murdoch              VIC        2      52:L 145:L 164:L 188:W 192:W  95:L 134:L
177 Hans Wilmar              VIC        2      43:L 104:D  92:L 191:L 107:L 186:D 196:W
178 Juztyn Starc             VIC        2      68:L 120:L 202:W  97:L 138:L 203:W 144:L
179 William Douglas          VIC        2      57:L 144:L 134:L 159:L 188:W 202:W 143:L
180 Alia Pollard             VIC        2     117:L 165:L 105:L 185:W 140:L 196:W 129:L
181 Maddison Conti           VIC        2     110:L  81:L 151:W 158:L 168:L 164:L 197:W
182 Owen Smith               VIC        2     193:W  67:L 169:L 170:L  93:L 199:W 147:L
183 James Lewena             VIC        2     115:L 197:W  34:L 139:L 172:L 200:W 141:L
184 Ella Wilson              VIC        2     114:L 141:L 197:L 186:W 142:L 151:L 200:W
185 Jackson Richards         VIC        2     154:L  58:L  93:L 180:L 201:W 193:L 202:W
186 Phineas Congedo          VIC        2      65:L 156:L 147:L 184:L 194:D 177:D 199:W
187 Massimo Caminiti         VIC        2      79:L  15:L 200:L 192:L 198:W 197:W 145:L
188 Sebastian Corral         VIC        2     169:L 189:L 122:L 176:L 179:L 195:W 203:W
189 Alex Ganegama            VIC        1.5    16:L 188:W  63:L  40:L 163:D  93:L 153:L
190 Jack Lowman              VIC        1.5    47:L 149:W  51:L 131:D 128:L 123:L 161:L
191 Freddie Bede             VIC        1.5   107:D  71:L 104:L 177:W 119:L 115:L 163:L
192 YuanQuan Chen            VIC        1.5    49:L 113:L 160:L 187:W 176:L 165:D 173:L
193 Noah Farley              VIC        1.5   182:L 124:L  91:L 163:L 204:D 185:W 165:L
194 Julian Veith             VIC        1.5   162:L 171:L 142:L 172:L 186:D 204:W 157:L
195 Joshua Scott             VIC        1      31:L  39:L 148:L 151:L 106:L 188:L 204:W
196 Marcus Piscopo           VIC        1      72:L 175:L  98:L 201:W  94:L 180:L 177:L
197 Sarah Santopoli          VIC        1      86:L 183:L 184:W  59:L 147:L 187:L 181:L
198 Alisa Osborne            VIC        1      32:L  97:L 158:L 203:L 187:L 201:L   0:W
199 Taylah Morley            VIC        1      42:L 203:W 174:L 143:L  95:L 182:L 186:L
200 Darius Domaradski        VIC        1      94:L 157:L 187:W 127:L 160:L 183:L 184:L
201 Riley Shepherd           VIC        1      87:L  83:L 140:L 196:L 185:L 198:W 166:L
202 Jasmine Filer            VIC        1     146:L 135:L 178:L 204:W 149:L 179:L 185:L
203 Maya Schildkraut         VIC        1     133:L 199:L 150:L 198:W 146:L 178:L 188:L
204 Isaac Kanigher           VIC        .5    174:L 108:L 168:L 202:L 193:D 194:L 195:L