Primary Open Semi-Final 3

Schools Final Scores (top 5 players from each school):
Teams qualified for the finals in Bold Italics
Place Name                       Score
  2   MOUNT VIEW PRIMARY         27  
  3   GLENDAL PRIMARY            26.5
  5   WALES STREET PRIMARY       20.5

  6   MOUNT SCOPUS PRIMARY       19  
  7   GREAT RYRIE PRIMARY        18.5
 8-9  VIEWBANK PRIMARY           15.5
10-11 LOWER PLENTY PRIMARY       15  
      GREYTHORN PRIMARY          15  
 12   ALPHINGTON PRIMARY         13  
 13   RESEARCH PRIMARY           8   
15-16 THE BASIN PRIMARY          5   

Individual Standings:
 Place  Name                 Feder Loc  Club                       Score
   1    Luis Chan            VIC   1934 Mount View Primary         7   
  2-6   Christopher Lim      VIC   1283 Waverley Christian College 6   
        Yiheng Ren           VIC        Glendal Primary            6   
        Steven Li            VIC   835  Waverley Christian College 6   
        Jay Landau           VIC   915  Mount Scopus Primary       6   
        Cassandra Lim        VIC   1442 Waverley Christian College 6   
   7    Mahen Kahatapitiya   VIC   507  Glendal Primary            5.5 
 8-24   Chris Anastasiou     VIC   301  Wales Street Primary       5   
        Kipling Abbott       VIC   334  Spensley Street Primary    5   
        Jimmy Deng           VIC   755  Mount View Primary         5   
        Hunter Staples       VIC   408  Spensley Street Primary    5   
        Chao Shien Cheng     VIC   670  Glendal Primary            5   
        Chao Xin Cheng       VIC   462  Glendal Primary            5   
        Shaw Gale            VIC   662  Viewbank Primary           5   
        Joshua Tan           VIC        Waverley Christian College 5   
        Shalana Powell       VIC   556  Mount View Primary         5   
        Jackie Li            VIC   590  Glendal Primary            5   
        Samuel Rhodes        VIC   626  Great Ryrie Primary        5   
        Finnegan Abbott      VIC   540  Spensley Street Primary    5   
        Liam Hogan           VIC        Alphington Primary         5   
        Kevin Bao            VIC        Waverley Christian College 5   
        Randil Fernando      VIC        Mount View Primary         5   
        Robert Green         VIC   575  Alphington Primary         5   
        Ewen Wang            VIC   401  Mount View Primary         5   
 25-28  Rahul Mangalaganesh  VIC        Mount View Primary         4.5 
        Joseph Wang          VIC   426  Waverley Christian College 4.5 
        Cody Bradley         VIC        Kangaroo Ground Primary    4.5 
        Mitchell Wilson      VIC        Spensley Street Primary    4.5 
 29-53  Chuyue Angie Li      VIC   509  Glendal Primary            4   
        Carlvince Tan        VIC        Greythorn Primary          4   
        Jack Wilson          VIC        Lower Plenty Primary       4   
        Zac Simpson          VIC   565  Spensley Street Primary    4   
        Minidhu Paranahewa   VIC        Glendal Primary            4   
        Anderson Gong        VIC   404  Glendal Primary            4   
        Sam Recinos          VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        4   
        Noah Camroux         VIC        Spensley Street Primary    4   
        Raphael Demaison     VIC        Spensley Street Primary    4   
        Katelyn Molyneux     VIC        Waverley Christian College 4   
        Harry Loulakis       VIC   407  Wales Street Primary       4   
        Aaron Zhang          VIC        Waverley Christian College 4   
        Vanya Suprun         VIC        Mount View Primary         4   
        Hazel D'Souza        VIC        Marymede Catholic College  4   
        Thomas Jackson       VIC   235  Great Ryrie Primary        4   
        Riveen Gangoda       VIC        Glendal Primary            4   
        Adam Rubinstein      VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       4   
        Joshua Golinski      VIC   384  North Ringwood Primary     4   
        Igor Suprun          VIC        Mount View Primary         4   
        Enoch Tam            VIC        Waverley Christian College 4   
        Jules Robinson       VIC        Wales Street Primary       4   
        Jeremy Phung         VIC        Mount View Primary         4   
        Lewis Tan            VIC        Wales Street Primary       4   
        Darren Ooi           VIC        Glendal Primary            4   
        Yota Nakamura        VIC        Research Primary           4   
 54-60  Jerway Zhang         VIC        Greythorn Primary          3.5 
        Gus Negrelli         VIC        Wales Street Primary       3.5 
        Kenneth Wu           VIC        Mount View Primary         3.5 
        Edric Bai            VIC        Mount View Primary         3.5 
        Sam Benson           VIC        The Good Shepherd Lutheran 3.5 
        Matthew Murphy       VIC        Spensley Street Primary    3.5 
        Jarrod Wills         VIC        Viewbank Primary           3.5 
 61-87  Winnie Ou            VIC   301  Waverley Christian College 3   
        Chloe Fan            VIC   330  The Good Shepherd Lutheran 3   
        Daniel Johnston      VIC   395  The Good Shepherd Lutheran 3   
        Charlie Landau       VIC   565  Mount Scopus Primary       3   
        Jaye Ng              VIC   357  Mount View Primary         3   
        Jeremy Arndt         VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       3   
        Mitchell Davis       VIC        The Good Shepherd Lutheran 3   
        Archie Critchell     VIC   420  Alphington Primary         3   
        Thomas O'Dwyer       VIC        Lower Plenty Primary       3   
        Daniel Martin        VIC   301  The Basin Primary          3   
        Ethan Perlov         VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       3   
        Yang Yang Ni         VIC        The Good Shepherd Lutheran 3   
        Daniel Mindel        VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       3   
        Levi Dastalto        VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        3   
        Luka Suric           VIC        Greythorn Primary          3   
        Raf Heriot           VIC        Research Primary           3   
        Jason Larsen         VIC        The Good Shepherd Lutheran 3   
        Samuel Fu            VIC        Viewbank Primary           3   
        James Batterbury     VIC        Spensley Street Primary    3   
        Naman Modi           VIC        Mount View Primary         3   
        Abtin Bekloo         VIC        Croydon Hills Primary      3   
        Zac Nathan           VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       3   
        Jake Golshevsky      VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       3   
        Dan Patch            VIC        Wales Street Primary       3   
        Nathan Lee           VIC        Greythorn Primary          3   
        Cameron Andrew       VIC        Lower Plenty Primary       3   
        Heidi D'Souza        VIC        Marymede Catholic College  3   
 88-96  Jamie Swiatlo        VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       2.5 
        Darryl Ooi           VIC        Glendal Primary            2.5 
        Jacob Henry          VIC   292  Great Ryrie Primary        2.5 
        Georgia Dwyer        VIC        Lower Plenty Primary       2.5 
        Alexandra Matheson   VIC        Lower Plenty Primary       2.5 
        Jared Traub          VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       2.5 
        Luca Thornton        VIC        Wales Street Primary       2.5 
        Maxim Iliev          VIC        Viewbank Primary           2.5 
        Henry Lipshut        VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       2.5 
97-107  Chengyun Xu          VIC   199  Croydon Hills Primary      2   
        William Lowden       VIC        The Good Shepherd Lutheran 2   
        Lawson Thomas        VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        2   
        Lucas McPherson      VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        2   
        Alex Lee             VIC        The Basin Primary          2   
        Connor Morton        VIC        The Good Shepherd Lutheran 2   
        Arlo Jack            VIC        Spensley Street Primary    2   
        Eddie Carlton        VIC        The Good Shepherd Lutheran 2   
        David Yatsevich      VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       2   
        Sasha Wolf           VIC        Mount Scopus Primary       2   
        Ben Gosbell          VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        2   
108-112 Hong Han Tan         VIC        Greythorn Primary          1.5 
        Alexander Wrigley    VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        1.5 
        Alvin Jacob          VIC        Viewbank Primary           1.5 
        Jake Chasemore       VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        1.5 
        Finlay Hughes        VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        1.5 
113-115 Alexandra Bloomer    VIC        Research Primary           1   
        Jonathan Koukourikis VIC        Lower Plenty Primary       1   
        Ashley Newnham       VIC        Great Ryrie Primary        1   

Individual Cross Table:
No  Name                 Feder Loc  Total   1     2     3     4     5     6     7 
1   Luis Chan            VIC   1934 7      86:W   8:W  29:W  17:W   4:W   5:W   2:W
2   Christopher Lim      VIC   1283 6     114:W  43:W  13:W  16:W   3:W  10:W   1:L
3   Yiheng Ren           VIC        6      98:W  18:W  23:W  26:W   2:L  19:W  14:W
4   Steven Li            VIC   835  6      69:W  33:W  68:W   9:W   1:L  11:W   8:W
5   Jay Landau           VIC   915  6      92:W  89:W  11:W  32:W  10:W   1:L   9:W
6   Cassandra Lim        VIC   1442 6      91:W  97:W  19:W  10:L  25:W  29:W  13:W
7   Mahen Kahatapitiya   VIC   507  5.5    88:D  54:W  15:W  25:L  61:W  26:W  43:W
8   Chris Anastasiou     VIC   301  5      79:W   1:L  53:W  21:W  32:W  17:W   4:L
9   Kipling Abbott       VIC   334  5      47:W  60:W  12:W   4:L  18:W  34:W   5:L
10  Jimmy Deng           VIC   755  5      31:W 100:W  62:W   6:W   5:L   2:L  33:W
11  Hunter Staples       VIC   408  5      22:W 102:W   5:L  50:W  38:W   4:L  48:W
12  Chao Shien Cheng     VIC   670  5      87:W  35:W   9:L  36:W  24:W  14:L  25:W
13  Chao Xin Cheng       VIC   462  5      93:W  72:W   2:L  41:W  49:W  16:W   6:L
14  Shaw Gale            VIC   662  5      42:W  75:W  25:D  34:D  46:W  12:W   3:L
15  Joshua Tan           VIC        5      27:W  65:W   7:L  33:W  39:W  25:L  29:W
16  Shalana Powell       VIC   556  5      82:W 113:W  21:W   2:L  31:W  13:L  35:W
17  Jackie Li            VIC   590  5      83:W  30:W  51:W   1:L  62:W   8:L  31:W
18  Samuel Rhodes        VIC   626  5      66:W   3:L  37:W  30:W   9:L  75:W  44:W
19  Finnegan Abbott      VIC   540  5      71:W 101:W   6:L  99:W  22:W   3:L  50:W
20  Liam Hogan           VIC        5      28:D  21:L  56:D  80:W  37:W  36:W  42:W
21  Kevin Bao            VIC        5     108:W  20:W  16:L   8:L  69:W  74:W  54:W
22  Randil Fernando      VIC        5      11:L 111:W  97:W  63:W  19:L  46:W  34:W
23  Robert Green         VIC   575  5      96:W  99:W   3:L  31:L  73:W  30:W  52:W
24  Ewen Wang            VIC   401  5     113:L  73:W 105:W  98:W  12:L  45:W  38:W
25  Rahul Mangalaganesh  VIC        4.5    39:W  64:W  14:D   7:W   6:L  15:W  12:L
26  Joseph Wang          VIC   426  4.5   106:W  37:D  78:W   3:L  28:W   7:L  57:W
27  Cody Bradley         VIC        4.5    15:L  76:L  77:D  94:W  88:W  55:W  56:W
28  Mitchell Wilson      VIC        4.5    20:D  61:L 108:W  66:W  26:L  97:W  63:W
29  Chuyue Angie Li      VIC   509  4      45:W  67:W   1:L  42:W  47:W   6:L  15:L
30  Carlvince Tan        VIC        4      38:W  17:L  59:W  18:L  51:W  23:L  72:W
31  Jack Wilson          VIC        4      10:L  77:W 101:W  23:W  16:L  68:W  17:L
32  Zac Simpson          VIC   565  4      73:W  41:W  49:W   5:L   8:L  35:L  71:W
33  Minidhu Paranahewa   VIC        4      77:W   4:L  72:W  15:L  76:W  40:W  10:L
34  Anderson Gong        VIC   404  4      80:W  78:D  61:W  14:D  40:W   9:L  22:L
35  Sam Recinos          VIC        4      55:W  12:L  95:W  40:L  79:W  32:W  16:L
36  Noah Camroux         VIC        4      61:D  44:W  88:W  12:L  48:D  20:L  74:W
37  Raphael Demaison     VIC        4      90:W  26:D  18:L  44:D  20:L 100:W  62:W
38  Katelyn Molyneux     VIC        4      30:L   0:W  71:W  81:W  11:L  63:W  24:L
39  Harry Loulakis       VIC   407  4      25:L  48:W  93:W  67:W  15:L  42:L  83:W
40  Aaron Zhang          VIC        4       0:W  62:L  45:W  35:W  34:L  33:L  81:W
41  Vanya Suprun         VIC        4      46:W  32:L 100:W  13:L  43:L  64:W  68:W
42  Hazel D'Souza        VIC        4      14:L 110:W 102:W  29:L  64:W  39:W  20:L
43  Thomas Jackson       VIC   235  4     103:W   2:L  98:L 105:W  41:W  47:W   7:L
44  Riveen Gangoda       VIC        4      58:D  36:L 103:W  37:D  67:W  72:W  18:L
45  Adam Rubinstein      VIC        4      29:L  52:W  40:L 104:W  70:W  24:L  65:W
46  Joshua Golinski      VIC   384  4      41:L  82:W 113:W  84:W  14:L  22:L  73:W
47  Igor Suprun          VIC        4       9:L  85:W  64:W  68:W  29:L  43:L  70:W
48  Enoch Tam            VIC        4      54:D  39:L  94:W  88:W  36:D  65:W  11:L
49  Jules Robinson       VIC        4     109:W  63:W  32:L  65:W  13:L  52:L  69:W
50  Jeremy Phung         VIC        4      63:L 109:W  89:W  11:L  81:W  62:W  19:L
51  Lewis Tan            VIC        4      85:W  70:W  17:L  61:L  30:L  80:W  90:W
52  Darren Ooi           VIC        4      67:L  45:L  91:W 113:W  98:W  49:W  23:L
53  Yota Nakamura        VIC        4      70:L  86:W   8:L  74:L 115:W  99:W  75:W
54  Jerway Zhang         VIC        3.5    48:D   7:L  55:L 103:W  58:W  78:W  21:L
55  Gus Negrelli         VIC        3.5    35:L  66:D  54:W  64:L 108:W  27:L  92:W
56  Kenneth Wu           VIC        3.5    62:L 108:D  20:D  89:D  66:W  90:W  27:L
57  Edric Bai            VIC        3.5    64:L 115:W  63:L  97:W  90:D  61:W  26:L
58  Sam Benson           VIC        3.5    44:D  88:L  66:L 114:W  54:L 108:W  91:W
59  Matthew Murphy       VIC        3.5    97:L  92:W  30:L 100:W  65:L  91:D  89:W
60  Jarrod Wills         VIC        3.5   115:W   9:L  99:L  71:L 106:W  82:D  88:W
61  Winnie Ou            VIC   301  3      36:D  28:W  34:L  51:W   7:L  57:L  79:D
62  Chloe Fan            VIC   330  3      56:W  40:W  10:L  76:W  17:L  50:L  37:L
63  Daniel Johnston      VIC   395  3      50:W  49:L  57:W  22:L  71:W  38:L  28:L
64  Charlie Landau       VIC   565  3      57:W  25:L  47:L  55:W  42:L  41:L 104:W
65  Jaye Ng              VIC   357  3      76:W  15:L  79:W  49:L  59:W  48:L  45:L
66  Jeremy Arndt         VIC        3      18:L  55:D  58:W  28:L  56:L  94:W  77:D
67  Mitchell Davis       VIC        3      52:W  29:L  70:W  39:L  44:L  69:L  99:W
68  Archie Critchell     VIC   420  3     105:W  95:W   4:L  47:L  83:W  31:L  41:L
69  Thomas O'Dwyer       VIC        3       4:L 104:W  84:L  95:W  21:L  67:W  49:L
70  Daniel Martin        VIC   301  3      53:W  51:L  67:L  93:W  45:L  98:W  47:L
71  Ethan Perlov         VIC        3      19:L  90:W  38:L  60:W  63:L  84:W  32:L
72  Yang Yang Ni         VIC        3      74:W  13:L  33:L 115:W  99:W  44:L  30:L
73  Daniel Mindel        VIC        3      32:L  24:L 112:W 110:W  23:L  95:W  46:L
74  Levi Dastalto        VIC        3      72:L  93:L  92:W  53:W  84:W  21:L  36:L
75  Luka Suric           VIC        3      94:W  14:L  76:L 101:W 102:W  18:L  53:L
76  Raf Heriot           VIC        3      65:L  27:W  75:W  62:L  33:L  81:L 100:W
77  Jason Larsen         VIC        3      33:L  31:L  27:D 112:D  93:W  92:D  66:D
78  Samuel Fu            VIC        3     107:W  34:D  26:L  83:D  89:D  54:L  82:D
79  James Batterbury     VIC        3       8:L  91:W  65:L 111:W  35:L  89:D  61:D
80  Naman Modi           VIC        3      34:L 107:W  81:L  20:L 111:W  51:L  97:W
81  Abtin Bekloo         VIC        3     101:L 106:W  80:W  38:L  50:L  76:W  40:L
82  Zac Nathan           VIC        3      16:L  46:L 115:L   0:W 110:W  60:D  78:D
83  Jake Golshevsky      VIC        3      17:L  94:D 114:W  78:D  68:L 102:W  39:L
84  Dan Patch            VIC        3      99:L  96:W  69:W  46:L  74:L  71:L 106:W
85  Nathan Lee           VIC        3      51:L  47:L 104:L  92:L 109:W 105:W 103:W
86  Cameron Andrew       VIC        3       1:L  53:L  90:L 109:W  95:L 110:W  98:W
87  Heidi D'Souza        VIC        3      12:L  98:L 111:L  91:L   0:W 113:W 102:W
88  Jamie Swiatlo        VIC        2.5     7:D  58:W  36:L  48:L  27:L 107:W  60:L
89  Darryl Ooi           VIC        2.5   104:W   5:L  50:L  56:D  78:D  79:D  59:L
90  Jacob Henry          VIC   292  2.5    37:L  71:L  86:W 106:W  57:D  56:L  51:L
91  Georgia Dwyer        VIC        2.5     6:L  79:L  52:L  87:W 101:W  59:D  58:L
92  Alexandra Matheson   VIC        2.5     5:L  59:L  74:L  85:W 104:W  77:D  55:L
93  Jared Traub          VIC        2.5    13:L  74:W  39:L  70:L  77:L 101:D 111:W
94  Luca Thornton        VIC        2.5    75:L  83:D  48:L  27:L 112:W  66:L 108:W
95  Maxim Iliev          VIC        2.5   112:W  68:L  35:L  69:L  86:W  73:L  96:D
96  Henry Lipshut        VIC        2.5    23:L  84:L 107:D 108:L 114:W 111:D  95:D
97  Chengyun Xu          VIC   199  2      59:W   6:L  22:L  57:L 105:W  28:L  80:L
98  William Lowden       VIC        2       3:L  87:W  43:W  24:L  52:L  70:L  86:L
99  Lawson Thomas        VIC        2      84:W  23:L  60:W  19:L  72:L  53:L  67:L
100 Lucas McPherson      VIC        2     110:W  10:L  41:L  59:L 113:W  37:L  76:L
101 Alex Lee             VIC        2      81:W  19:L  31:L  75:L  91:L  93:D 107:D
102 Connor Morton        VIC        2     111:W  11:L  42:L 107:W  75:L  83:L  87:L
103 Arlo Jack            VIC        2      43:L 114:W  44:L  54:L 107:L 112:W  85:L
104 Eddie Carlton        VIC        2      89:L  69:L  85:W  45:L  92:L 114:W  64:L
105 David Yatsevich      VIC        2      68:L 112:W  24:L  43:L  97:L  85:L 115:W
106 Sasha Wolf           VIC        2      26:L  81:L 109:W  90:L  60:L 115:W  84:L
107 Ben Gosbell          VIC        2      78:L  80:L  96:D 102:L 103:W  88:L 101:D
108 Hong Han Tan         VIC        1.5    21:L  56:D  28:L  96:W  55:L  58:L  94:L
109 Alexander Wrigley    VIC        1.5    49:L  50:L 106:L  86:L  85:L   0:W 110:D
110 Alvin Jacob          VIC        1.5   100:L  42:L   0:W  73:L  82:L  86:L 109:D
111 Jake Chasemore       VIC        1.5   102:L  22:L  87:W  79:L  80:L  96:D  93:L
112 Finlay Hughes        VIC        1.5    95:L 105:L  73:L  77:D  94:L 103:L 113:W
113 Alexandra Bloomer    VIC        1      24:W  16:L  46:L  52:L 100:L  87:L 112:L
114 Jonathan Koukourikis VIC        1       2:L 103:L  83:L  58:L  96:L 104:L   0:W
115 Ashley Newnham       VIC        1      60:L  57:L  82:W  72:L  53:L 106:L 105:L