2016 MCC v Rest of Victoria

150th Anniversary Event Proposal

MCC v Rest of Victoria Match

Venue: Melbourne Chess Club.

Date: Saturday 19 November and Sunday 20 November 2016.


Round 1: Sat 19 Nov, 10:30am

Round 2: Sat 19 Nov, 3:30pm

Round 3: Sun 20 Nov, 10:30am

Round 4: Sun 20 Nov, 3:30pm 

Format: 2 teams (MCC and RoV) comprising up to 48 players each (plus emergencies) playing each other in a match in one of the following format:

·       4 rounds Classical at 90 minutes + 30 seconds/move.

Pairings for the match will be conducted as a series of:

·       single 4-board Scheveningen[1] mini-matches.

See Appendix 1 for a demonstration of how these pairings may work.

Entry fees: Entry fees will be $30 per player.

All GMs, IMs and FMs shall be given free entry or an entry fee discount (to be determined the match organiser).

Prizes: Determination of prizes shall use the following methodology.

There shall be a prize pool for each Scheveningen mini-match.  The total prize pool for each Scheveningen mini-match shall be equal to the sum of the nominal amount[2] of entry fees of the players in the Scheveningen mini-match less any administration fee deducted by the match organiser.

There shall be two prizes for each Scheveningen mini-match:

(1)  First prize of 66.67% of the prize pool to the highest scoring player in the Scheveningen mini-match; and

(2)  Second prize of 33.33% of the prize pool to the highest scoring player in the opposing team to that of the first prize winner.

If there is 1 or more players on the MCC team and 1 or more players on the RoV team with the equal highest score in a Scheveningen mini-match, then the total prize pool shall be divided equally among all players on the highest score.

First prize and second prize shall be divided equally among all players on the same team whose scores are the highest on their team.

See Appendix 1 for a demonstration of how prize distributions may work.

Entry conditions: All players must be a current member of a Chess Victoria (CV) affiliated club.

The MCC team may only consist of current MCC members. 

The RoV team may only consist of current ACF registered players residing in Victoria (including overseas players residing in Victoria). 

If a player is a member at both MCC and one or more other CV affiliated club, then that player must, upon registration of his or her entry, elect which team he or she will play for. 

The players for each team shall be settled no later than 24 hours before the event.

The number of boards in the match will depend on the number of players in the team with the lesser number, provided that the lesser number does not exceed 48.  The number of boards shall be capped at 48.

Where the number of boards is not a multiple of 4, then the match organiser will have the discretion to amend the format of the match to accommodate the extra players (e.g. the lowest rated players may be aggregated in a manner so that the lowest rated 4-board Scheveningen mini-match is replaced by a 4 round Swiss competition).

Any player (additional to the settled list of player) can elect to be an emergency for either team so long as they are eligible to play for that team.

Players will be ranked for each team in accordance with their current FIDE rating (and if they do not have a FIDE rating, their ACF rating).  The rankings will then be used to determine players in each Scheveningen mini-match, with the highest ranked players from each team in the first highest ranking mini-match and so on.

There will no team captain for either team.

Match Winning Conditions: The winner of the match will be the team with the greater game score at the end of the match. 

If the game score is tied, then the tie-break shall be whichever team wins the first highest ranking Scheveningen mini-match, then whichever team wins the second highest ranking Scheveningen mini-match, then whichever team wins the third highest ranking Scheveningen mini-match and so on till the lowest ranking Scheveningen mini-match.

In the event that after these tie-breaks a winner has not been determined, then the match shall be declared drawn.

See Appendix 1 for a demonstration of how the tie-breaks may work.

Arbiter: The match arbiter(s) to be appointed by the event organiser and shall have the necessary qualifications to run the match so that it can be properly rated.

Rating: The match will be FIDE and ACF rated (Classical rated) subject to all the necessary approvals[3].

Organisation:  I suggest the match be organised by MCC with support from CV.




End of Proposal

Thai Ly

August 2016


Appendix 1 – Demonstration Example

The match is held in the Classical Format over Saturday 19 November (round 1 – 10:30 am, round 2 – 3:30 pm) and Sunday 20 November (round 3 – 10:30 am, round 4 – 3:30 pm).  

There are 36 entries for MCC and 42 entries for RoV.  As the MCC has the lesser number, the number of boards for the match will be 36.

The top 8 seeds (with FIDE ratings) for MCC are:

1.     Kanan Izzat (2500)

2.     James Morris (2480)

3.     Ari Dale (2360)

4.     Guy West (2340)

5.     Jack Puccini (2320)

6.     Michael Baron (2300)

7.     Mirko Rujevic (2260)

8.     Carl Gorka (2200)

The top 8 seeds (with FIDE ratings) for RoV are:

1.     Bobby Cheng (2480)

2.     Darryl Johansen (2420)

3.     Luke Li (2380)

4.     Chris Wallis (2370)

5.     Eugene Schon (2360)

6.     Karl Zelesco (2350)

7.     Domagoj Dragicevic (2260)

8.     Leonid Sandler (2240)

The match will consist of nine 4-board Scheveningen mini-matches.  Essentially, this means that boards 1-4 of MCC will play each of boards 1-4 of RoV, boards 5-8 of MCC will play each of boards 5-8 of RoV and so on.

After drawing for colours prior to the match start, the pairings and results for the top Scheveningen mini-match are as follows:

Mini-match 1

Round 1:

Izzat 1 - 0 Cheng

Morris 1 - 0 Johansen

Li ½ - ½ Dale

Wallis 1 - 0 West


MCC 2.5 – RoV 1.5


Round 2:

Johansen 0 - 1 Izzat

Cheng 0 - 1 Morris

Dale 0 -1 Wallis

West ½ - ½ Li


MCC 2.5 – RoV 1.5


Round 3:

Izzat ½ - ½ Li

Morris ½ - ½ Wallis

Cheng 1 - 0 Dale

Johansen 0 - 1 West


MCC 2 – RoV 2


Round 4:

Wallis 1- 0 Izzat

Li ½ - ½ Morris

Dale ½ - ½ Johansen

West 0 - 1 Cheng


MCC 1 – RoV 3


Final Standings:

MCC – 8

RoV – 8

Izzat – 2.5

Cheng – 2

Morris – 3

Johansen – 0.5

Dale – 1

Li – 2

West – 1.5

Wallis – 3.5


The prize pool for this mini-match is $240 (8 × $30 – no administration fee is deducted).  Thus 1st prize is $160 and 2nd prize is $80.

The highest scoring player from the mini-match is Chris Wallis – he wins 1st prize: $160.

The highest scoring player on the team opposing the 1st prize winner is James Morris – he wins 2nd prize: $80.

Had James and Chris both score 3.5 points each and been equal highest scorers, they would have shared the prize pool: $120 each.

All 4 rounds of the match are played and the mini-matches results come in as follows:



































As can be seen, both MCC and RoV have finished on the same number of game points – 72 points each.  Therefore to determining the winner requires using tie-breaks.

The first tie-break is the winner of mini-match 1.  However, this mini-match was drawn.

The second tie-break is the winner of mini-match 2.  The winner of this mini-match was MCC.  Therefore, by virtue of this tie-break, MCC is the winner of the match.

[1] See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scheveningen_system for more information on how Scheveningen pairings work.

[2] A nominal amount means that even if a player has free or discounted entry fee due to being a GM, IM or FM, the player’s contribution to the prize pool shall be equal to either $30.

[3] These approvals may need to be given by the MCC Committee, CV, ACF and/or FIDE.