2018 Australian School Team Championships (ASTC)

The 2018  Australian Schools’ Team Championships (ASTC) 2018 were held over the weekend of 1st to 2nd December at Prince Alfred College, Adelaide.

This is the first time in the history of the Australian Schools Teams Championships that the “Holy Grail” of winning all four divisions. Well done Victoria! 

2018 ASTC Winners

Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC) won every game and finished with a perfect score of  20/20.  L to R (Jaimee Renshaw, Cassandra Lim,  Jody Middleton, Rachel Woon, Clarice Woon)

Melbourne High scored 15 points out of 20 games. L to R (Haran Salasan, Tejas Datar, Ryan Lumpreiks,  Kris Chan, David Cannon)

Glendal Primary School scored 19 points from 20 games. L to R (Darline Augustine, Damaris Augustine, Chao Xin Cheng, Phi Elizabeth Vuong, Angela Feng )

Waverley Christian College scored 19 points from 20 games. L to R (Kevin Bao, Christopher Lim, Rey Ding, Dylan Chan, Isaac Chai)


All results: click here