2018 Junior Primary Final

School Standings

Place School                         Score

  1   GLENDAL PRIMARY SCHOOL         24.5 
  3   PRESTON PRIMARY SCHOOL         21.5 
  5   IVANHOE PRIMARY SCHOOL         14.5 
  6   ST BRIDGET'S SCHOOL            14   
  8   BANYULE PRIMARY SCHOOL         6.5  
9-12  MALVERN PRIMARY SCHOOL         6    
      VIEWBANK PRIMARY SCHOOL        6    
      ST LEONARD'S SCHOOL            6    
14-17 DEEPDENE PRIMARY SCHOOL        5    
      MONTMORENCY SOUTH PS           5    
      TRINITY GRAMMAR SCHOOL         5    
      MILL PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL       4.5  
21-30 KEW PRIMARY SCHOOL             4    
      WALES STREET PRIMARY           4    
      DONBURN PRIMARY SCHOOL         4    
      THOMASTOWN EAST PS             4    
      HIGHVALE PRIMARY SCHOOL        4    
      KINGSWOOD COLLEGE              3.5  
      DAVIES STREET ELC              2.5  
 36   ST MARY OF THE CROSS PS        1    

Individual Results within Schools
Name                 School Score Prize
Augustine, Darline   Glendal Primary School         5.5 Gold Medal
Vuong, Vinh          Glendal Primary School         5 Gold Medal
Vithanage, Shenara   Glendal Primary School         5 Gold Medal
Sumathipala, Imandi  Glendal Primary School         5 Gold Medal
Mao, Matthew         Glendal Primary School         4 Gold Medal
Firth, Ryan          Glendal Primary School         3
Kankanamalage, Oneth Glendal Primary School         3
Ng, Vincent          Glendal Primary School         3
Dang, Ryley          Glen Waverley Primary School   5.5 Silver Medal
Cherukuvada, Tejas   Glen Waverley Primary School   5 Silver Medal
De Silva, Rahul      Glen Waverley Primary School   4 Silver Medal
Inol, Omika          Glen Waverley Primary School   4 Silver Medal
Gamage, Okith        Glen Waverley Primary School   4 Silver Medal
Ariyathilaka, Nikhil Glen Waverley Primary School   3.5
Herath, Sanuk        Glen Waverley Primary School   3
Arthur, James        Preston Primary School         7 Bronze Medal
Neighbour, Niko      Preston Primary School         4.5 Bronze Medal
Dardik, Sarah        Preston Primary School         4 Bronze Medal
Wajntraub, Tex               Preston Primary School         3 Bronze Medal
Thompson, Isabella   Preston Primary School         3 Bronze Medal
Wallis, Coen         Preston Primary School         2
Feng, Bill           Liviingstone Primary School    0.5
Zhang, Jayden        Livingstone Primary School     5
Ren, Hank            Livingstone Primary School     3.5
Dai, Ava             Livingstone Primary School     3
Wang, Kingsley       Livingstone Primary School     3
Yang, Nathan         Livingstone Primary School     2
Cheang, Ethan        Livingstone Primary School     2
Teng, Junru          Livingstone Primary School     2
Yu, Albert           Livingstone Primary School     1.5
Zhang, Vallen        Livingstone Primary School     1.5
Abeydeera, Somindu   Livingstone Primary School     0.5
Downing, Manny       Ivanhoe Primary School         3
Bhar, Arjun          Ivanhoe Primary School         3
Downing, Louis       Ivanhoe Primary School         3
Susanto, Orlan       Ivanhoe Primary School         3
Dal Pos, Damon       Ivanhoe Primary School         2.5
Kakridas, James      St Bridget's School            3.5
Kakridas, Jason      St Bridget's School            3.5
Williams, Xander     St Bridget's School            3
Lee, Eleanor         St Bridget's School            2
Elward, Tyler        St Bridget's School            2
Lim, Zachary         St Andrew's Christian College  5
Bernau, Paul         St Andrew's Christian College  3
Zhang, Elizabeth     Banyule Primary School         2.5
Sampson, Joshua      Banyule Primary School         2
Kumar, Lehar         Banyule Primary School         2
Das, Gabriel         Malvern Primary School         6
Zhu, Jiaming         Alphington Primary School      4
Ma, Celena           Alphington Primary School      2
Gao, Yue Shan        Viewbank Primary School        3
Li, Tedric           Viewbank Primary School        3
Alphonso, Aaron      St Leonard's School            6
Blanch, Lewin        Winters Flat Primary School    5.5
Liu, Ronald          Deepdene Primary School        5
Nair, Axel           Montmorency South PS           5
Basile, Elijah       Northcote Primary School       5
De Silva, Yuvin      Trinity Grammar School         5
Gupta, Dev           Templeton Primary School       4.5
Shankar, Krishna     Mill Park Primary School       4.5
Lee, Stefan          Park Orchards Primary School   4.5
Gurvitch, Noah       Kew Primary School             4
Thompson, Selby      Montmorency Primary School     4
Jones, Liam          Rangeview Primary School       4
Le Plastrier, Louis  Wales Street Primary           4
Zhuang, Daniel       Donburn Primary School         4
Lee, Anderson        Caulfield Junior College       4
Chin, Matthew        Strathmore North Primary       4
Syndhi, Manyata      Thomastown East PS             4
Dong, Ray            Good Shepherd Lutheran PS      4
Lee, Jayden          Highvale Primary School        4
Richards, Charlie    Lower Plenty Primary School    3.5
Lau, Isaac           Greenvale Primary School       3.5
Yip, Ocean           Kingswood College              3.5
McAslan, Duncan      Spensley Street Primary School 2.5
De Silva, Senuk      Davies Street ELC              2.5
Chen, Alan           St Mary Of The Cross PS        1

Cross Table
No Name                     School                         Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7  

1  Arthur, James            Preston Primary School         7     53:W 26:W 23:W  9:W  5:W  6:W 11:W
2  Alphonso, Aaron          St Leonard's School            6     63:W 28:W 22:W 44:W  4:W 11:L  8:W
3  Das, Gabriel             Malvern Primary School         6     40:W 11:W  4:L 26:W 44:W  7:W 10:W
4  Dang, Ryley              Glen Waverley Primary School   5.5   19:W 25:W  3:W 21:W  2:L 22:W  5:D
5  Blanch, Lewin            Winters Flat Primary School    5.5   72:W 66:W  8:W  7:W  1:L 38:W  4:D
6  Augustine, Darline       Glendal Primary School         5.5   62:W 17:D 68:W 37:W 27:W  1:L 26:W
7  Vuong, Vinh              Glendal Primary School         5     14:W 12:W 64:W  5:L 24:W  3:L 21:W
8  Zhang, Jayden            Livingstone Primary School     5     68:W 27:W  5:L 12:W 23:W  9:W  2:L
9  Cherukuvada, Tejas       Glen Waverley Primary School   5     13:W 50:W 48:W  1:L 17:W  8:L 25:W
10 Vithanage, Shenara       Glendal Primary School         5     42:W 39:D 31:D 33:W 30:W 21:W  3:L
11 Liu, Ronald              Deepdene Primary School        5     74:W  3:L 19:W 50:W 29:W  2:W  1:L
12 De Silva, Yuvin          Trinity Grammar School         5     29:W  7:L 66:W  8:L 63:W 46:W 24:W
13 Basile, Elijah           Northcote Primary School       5      9:L 35:W 69:W 23:L 34:W 44:W 28:W
14 Lim, Zachary             St Andrew's Christian College  5      7:L 77:W 28:W 46:L 35:W 29:W 22:W
15 Nair, Axel               Montmorency South PS           5     26:L 40:W 27:L 70:W 53:W 51:W 32:W
16 Sumathipala, Imandi      Glendal Primary School         5     45:L 42:W 30:L 67:W 65:W 52:W 17:W
17 Gupta, Dev               Templeton Primary School       4.5   46:W  6:D 39:W 18:W  9:L 37:W 16:L
18 Neighbour, Niko          Preston Primary School         4.5   20:W 73:W 37:D 17:L 40:L 62:W 38:W
19 Lee, Stefan              Park Orchards Primary School   4.5    4:L 53:W 11:L 68:W 47:W 40:D 37:W
20 Shankar, Krishna         Mill Park Primary School       4.5   18:L  0:W 38:D 60:L 41:W 39:W 40:W
21 Syndhi, Manyata          Thomastown East PS             4     54:W 38:W 61:W  4:L 46:W 10:L  7:L
22 Lee, Jayden              Highvale Primary School        4     57:W 56:W  2:L 45:W 25:W  4:L 14:L
23 De Silva, Rahul          Glen Waverley Primary School   4     65:W 24:W  1:L 13:W  8:L 25:L 55:W
24 Thompson, Selby          Montmorency Primary School     4     35:W 23:L 34:W 31:W  7:L 27:W 12:L
25 Jones, Liam              Rangeview Primary School       4     59:W  4:L 51:W 47:W 22:L 23:W  9:L
26 Inol, Omika              Glen Waverley Primary School   4     15:W  1:L 65:W  3:L 50:W 30:W  6:L
27 Lee, Anderson            Caulfield Junior College       4     71:W  8:L 15:W 48:W  6:L 24:L 46:W
28 Mao, Matthew             Glendal Primary School         4     58:W  2:L 14:L 56:W 64:W 45:W 13:L
29 Gurvitch, Noah           Kew Primary School             4     12:L 62:W 56:W 64:W 11:L 14:L 47:W
30 Dardik, Sarah            Preston Primary School         4     47:L 59:W 16:W 49:W 10:L 26:L 53:W
31 Zhuang, Daniel           Donburn Primary School         4     41:D 70:W 10:D 24:L 45:L 66:W 49:W
32 Le Plastrier, Louis      Wales Street Primary           4     37:L 54:L  0:W 36:W 48:W 60:W 15:L
33 Chin, Matthew            Strathmore North Primary       4     49:L 43:W 54:W 10:L 51:L 61:W 44:W
34 Zhu, Jiaming             Alphington Primary School      4     76:W 48:L 24:L 66:W 13:L 50:W 51:W
35 Gamage, Okith            Glen Waverley Primary School   4     24:L 13:L 76:W 57:W 14:L 48:W 54:W
36 Dong, Ray                Good Shepherd Lutheran PS      4     67:L 65:L 58:W 32:L 56:W 64:W 45:W
37 Ren, Hank                Livingstone Primary School     3.5   32:W 75:W 18:D  6:L 60:W 17:L 19:L
38 Yip, Ocean               Kingswood College              3.5   52:W 21:L 20:D 41:W 39:W  5:L 18:L
39 Kakridas, James          St Bridget's School            3.5   43:W 10:D 17:L 61:W 38:L 20:L 70:W
40 Ariyathilaka, Nikhil     Glen Waverley Primary School   3.5    3:L 15:L 72:W 55:W 18:W 19:D 20:L
41 Richards, Charlie        Lower Plenty Primary School    3.5   31:D 61:L 74:W 38:L 20:L 63:W 52:W
42 Kakridas, Jason          St Bridget's School            3.5   10:L 16:L 59:W 53:L 70:W 43:D 62:W
43 Lau, Isaac               Greenvale Primary School       3.5   39:L 33:L 52:L 71:W 74:W 42:D 60:W
44 Firth, Ryan              Glendal Primary School         3     55:W 67:W 45:W  2:L  3:L 13:L 33:L
45 Bernau, Paul             St Andrew's Christian College  3     16:W 47:W 44:L 22:L 31:W 28:L 36:L
46 Susanto, Orlan           Ivanhoe Primary School         3     17:L 58:W 57:W 14:W 21:L 12:L 27:L
47 Kankanamalage, Oneth     Glendal Primary School         3     30:W 45:L 55:W 25:L 19:L 58:W 29:L
48 Dai, Ava                 Livingstone Primary School     3     69:W 34:W  9:L 27:L 32:L 35:L 67:W
49 Downing, Manny           Ivanhoe Primary School         3     33:W 64:L 67:W 30:L 52:L 57:W 31:L
50 Wang, Kingsley           Livingstone Primary School     3     60:W  9:L 75:W 11:L 26:L 34:L 68:W
51 Bhar, Arjun              Ivanhoe Primary School         3     64:L 52:W 25:L 75:W 33:W 15:L 34:L
52 Gao, Yue Shan            Viewbank Primary School        3     38:L 51:L 43:W 54:W 49:W 16:L 41:L
53 Herath, Sanuk            Glen Waverley Primary School   3      1:L 19:L 71:W 42:W 15:L 65:W 30:L
54 Downing, Louis           Ivanhoe Primary School         3     21:L 32:W 33:L 52:L 72:W 67:W 35:L
55 \, Tex                   Preston Primary School         3     44:L 63:W 47:L 40:L 76:W 59:W 23:L
56 Li, Tedric               Viewbank Primary School        3     77:W 22:L 29:L 28:L 36:L 74:W 69:W
57 Williams, Xander         St Bridget's School            3     22:L 72:W 46:L 35:L 69:W 49:L 71:W
58 Thompson, Isabella       Preston Primary School         3     28:L 46:L 36:L  0:W 73:W 47:L 66:W
59 Ng, Vincent              Glendal Primary School         3     25:L 30:L 42:L 72:W 75:W 55:L 65:W
60 De Silva, Senuk          Davies Street ELC              2.5   50:L 74:D 73:W 20:W 37:L 32:L 43:L
61 Zhang, Elizabeth         Banyule Primary School         2.5   73:D 41:W 21:L 39:L 62:L 33:L 64:W
62 McAslan, Duncan          Spensley Street Primary School 2.5    6:L 29:L 63:D 74:W 61:W 18:L 42:L
63 Dal Pos, Damon           Ivanhoe Primary School         2.5    2:L 55:L 62:D 73:W 12:L 41:L 76:W
64 Lee, Eleanor             St Bridget's School            2     51:W 49:W  7:L 29:L 28:L 36:L 61:L
65 Wallis, Coen             Preston Primary School         2     23:L 36:W 26:L 69:W 16:L 53:L 59:L
66 Yang, Nathan             Livingstone Primary School     2     70:W  5:L 12:L 34:L 77:W 31:L 58:L
67 Elward, Tyler            St Bridget's School            2     36:W 44:L 49:L 16:L 68:W 54:L 48:L
68 Sampson, Joshua          Banyule Primary School         2      8:L 71:W  6:L 19:L 67:L 76:W 50:L
69 Kumar, Lehar             Banyule Primary School         2     48:L 76:W 13:L 65:L 57:L 73:W 56:L
70 Ma, Celena               Alphington Primary School      2     66:L 31:L 77:W 15:L 42:L 75:W 39:L
71 Cheang, Ethan            Livingstone Primary School     2     27:L 68:L 53:L 43:L  0:W 77:W 57:L
72 Teng, Junru              Livingstone Primary School     2      5:L 57:L 40:L 59:L 54:L  0:W 77:W
73 Yu, Albert               Livingstone Primary School     1.5   61:D 18:L 60:L 63:L 58:L 69:L 75:W
74 Zhang, Vallen            Livingstone Primary School     1.5   11:L 60:D 41:L 62:L 43:L 56:L  0:W
75 Chen, Alan               St Mary Of The Cross PS        1      0:W 37:L 50:L 51:L 59:L 70:L 73:L
76 Abeydeera, Somindu       Livingstone Primary School     .5    34:L 69:L 35:L 77:D 55:L 68:L 63:L
77 Feng, Bill               Liviingstone Primary School    .5    56:L 14:L 70:L 76:D 66:L 71:L 72:L