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2009 Victorian Championship


The 09 Victorian Championship and Reserves will 
continue with the multiple venue arrangements 
09 Victorian Championship Prizes
First               $1500 and Gold medal
second         $750 and Silver medal
third$375 and Bronze medal
09 Victorian Reserves Prizes
First              $400
second         $200
09 Victorian Championship eligibility
Qualifying from 2008 
IM Igor Goldenberg 08 champion
Pano Skiotis 08 reserves winner.

All other allocation of places will be based on the September 2009 ACF ratings list

Entry Information
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09 Victorian Championship accepted entrants
playerACF ratingFIDE rating
1.Leonid Sandler    IM22402332
2.Wang Sheng Lee22452254
3.Douglas Lindberg19562039
4.Douglas Hamilton. FM20652196
5.M.Rujevic. IM22452300
6.Domagoi Dragicevic21182215
7.Victor Kildisas19042019
8.Darryl Johansen. GM24402477
9.Malcolm Pyke20652140
10.David Hacche20612164
11.Eddy Levi. FM22052242
12.James Morris.  IM21602194
09 Victorian Reserved accepted entrants
playerACF ratingFIDE rating
1.David Flude16371852
2.Tumula Gamageunr 
3.Nikola Ivanov1428 
4.Adam Hayman1327 
5.Elliot Renzies13531701
6.Vineetha Wijesuriya 1897
7.David Toper1225 
8.David Beaumont18282070
10.Roger Beattie16961878