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Player of the month

Victorian chess player of the month is selected by CV president IM Leonid Sandler and his CV executive
You will find archived details  2010  players of the month via this link
Archived players of the month in 2011 you will find if you follow this link
Victorian Chess player of the month of June 2012 IM James Morris
June 2012 award goes to International Master James Morris.
Victorian Chess player of the month of July 2012 is Ari Dale
Previous winners

Winners in 2012

January: GM Darryl Johansen
February 2012  FM Dusan Stojic and FM Domagoj Dragicevic
March 2012: FM Domagoj Dragicevic
April 2012: International Master James Morris and Under 16 Olympian Justin Tan
May 2012: Grandmaster Darryl Johansen
June 2012: International Master James Morris
July 2012: Ari Dale


Winners in 2011

January:  FM Bobby Cheng
                   Savithri Narenthran
                   May Yi Foo
                   David Cannon
                   Jody Middleton
February: Finley Dale
March:      IM James Morris
April:          GM Darryl Johansen
May:         Justin Tan
June:         FM Erik Teichmann and
                   Domagoj Dragicevic
July            FM Dusan Stojic
August:    IM Mirko Rujevic
September:  FM Bobby Cheng
Dec:         IM James Morris