CV Bequests

All information received by Chess Victoria is treated in the strictest confidence and we will respect your wishes if you choose to remain anonymous. If you wish to donate to Chess Victoria in your Will, please find an example of our Will wording below. Please note, this should only be used as a guide – the exact Will wording will depend on the type of bequest you wish to make.

Wording for your Will:

“I give, devise and bequeath to Chess Victoria (ABN 22896147339) address xxx Victoria, free from all taxes and duties, (here please specify your gift, eg. the sum of $X). I direct that the receipt of any trustee or other proper officer for the time being of Chess Victoria, will be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees who will not be bound to see its application. Without creating a binding obligation on my executor or Chess Victoria, I request that Chess Victoria use this bequest for the purpose of xx and I request Chess Victoria to use these funds if at all practicable for this purpose or the purpose in its absolute discretion which most closely matches this purpose and failing that for the general purposes of xx."

We recommend that you discuss your wishes with your solicitor or the Office of the Public Trustee who can assist with the preparation of your Will to make a bequest to us.

Thank you very much for considering supporting our Chess activities in Victoria

Contact Leonid Sandler, President of Chess Victoria  if you need any further information.